Studio Time is Coming!


Hello Friends and Fam! Happy Monday! 

Its time for your weekly scoop on all things Taking Saturn. For the next few week the guys are working on finishing up Voices and heading into the recording phase. They have a long standing relationship with Ben at NBN (Nothing But Noise)

Studios in Fairfax Virginia. They will not only work on recording but also mastering, which is a combination of fine tuning EQ or equalizers, crossfades and song spacing to make sure the track is aesthetically pleasing. These sessions normally take about 8 hours so a lot of work is still in store. 

On Wednesdays Danny Haddad has been working on a new weekly segment on the Taking Saturn YouTube channel called Wisdom Wednesdays. Inspired of course by Instagrams hashtag #WisdomWednesday. You can see weekly guitar tips and enjoy a brief guitar rift or two. He is an amazing guitarist so definitely check it out! 

Friday night was our usual jam session where the magic happens. I feel blessed to be able to sit in on some of these especially when they are all in the groove!



I will be starting to take a more personal look into how each of the Taking Saturn members got started in music and what they look forward to most for the future. All hailing from Virginia we will take a look into areas where they grew up and what inspires them most to pursue one of the toughest careers out there. Hope you catch me next week! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Cheers, Bobbi

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