New Rehearsal Room, New Ideas

New website, new songs and a new place to practice!

Hey friends, Welcome to our site!


We recently moved to a new rehearsal space in Bou's house. It's exciting to change your environment in order to get new ideas. Getting the band back in gear has been my personal focus for the past 3 months and I'm super excited to things going. Here's a pic of us setting things up. I looks like Bou is catching up with his Instagram. BTW you can follow him @bousanelithisack. 


The band is bringing some older material. Songs like "BeThe Fire" and "Last Frequency" are still played in our practice. I've changed the lyrics a bit to give the song new life. We're also finishing the structure to songs like "Let It Go" "By The Way" -Now, some of these song titles are temporary but we know what they are when we play them. Our 40 song goal is slowly getting reached and we plan on playing live by this Spring.


We host a weekly podcast called The Music, Life and Friends Podcast. I like to interview musicians and have a good time sharing our band experiences and tips on how to grow your band.

I took a break from the Podcast since my computer died and I had to start from scratch but the next MLF Podcast Episode 6 is coming out next week. I'm hoping to have Danny Solis as my co-host again. 

Stay tuned for more!




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