Life & photoshoots & song lyrics

Hello Fellow Saturnites! 

Just another manic Monday. I write this with the most somber of thoughts weighing on my mind during this grey Northern Virginia day. This piece is dedicated to one of the most beautiful people I've had the privilege of knowing; Miss Amandita Cottmeyer. I know you are smiling down on all of us right now lighting up the world with your beautiful soul. 

Song Lyrics? Its hard sometimes to express emotions into words, but a lot of artists pour their souls into their music in hopes of conveying their message to their audience. Most songs have different meanings for different people. Lyrics can make you relate to the struggles and joys of life or a melody can evoke a certain emotion. The beauty of music is that it can influence lives, bring on a memory, or help you cope with the humdrum which is life. There is an honest truth to a song, to a melody and right now if I were to write something it would go like this


"Love is a smile, a thought, a gesture. Muscle memory. Forever instilled in our thoughts, our dreams. If only we could collect moments; catch these feelings in a jar so when the pain rushes to the surface we can save ourselves and bask in light."


In Taking Saturn news, I have been working on various photoshoots with the guys. So far we have done 2 official photoshoots in different locations in VA. I can’t wait to share some of these shots later on after I’m finished editing! 

The guys are still working on their demo and tweaking the separate parts. The creative process is hard work but they want to be satisfied with the end result. Sometimes that means a lot of extra time editing. 

As we begin the week on many positive notes, I will be back next Monday with all things Taking Saturn. On a more personal note, I started writing this blog because I believe in Taking Saturn. They are hardworking and play from the heart. Its nice to believe in something outside of yourself and for me I decided to become part of this family; for we all know that family isn’t always about blood you can choose your own family. 



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