Its Demo Time!

Hey Everyone, Happy Monday!

Here is your weekly update on all things Taking Saturn! Here in Northern VA its been hot as ballz but that doesn't stop the TS team from crushing it like GaryVee! If you are not sure who Gary Vaynerchuk is you should definitely check out his motivational videos on YouTube 


Bou has begun the recording process with Darien so that they can collaborate with long time friend and drummer Stan Chong for work on their upcoming demo "Voices" The haunting lyrics and amazing bassline of this song are sure to you rock your socks off! I'll have more on that next week including some pictures from the studio! 


Friday nights practice was missing Danny, Taking Saturn's guitarist because he is on dad maternity leave temporarily. His newborn daughter was born last Monday! Despite Danny's leave of absence, Darien & Bou continue to work hard and are writing and working on some new material. The guys have been together now for 10 years so Friday night practice also mixes in a little bit of family time over some delicious food and conversation after grind time. This week we all got to enjoy homemade Pho..I cant even explain how crazy good it was..but here is a picture so you can be jealous!


Continue to check out the weekly Friday vlog on Youtube and the weekly Tuesday podcast available on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher! Hope you all have a great week, stayed tuned next week for more on recording a demo and other Taking Saturn news!

Until next week this is Bobbi signing off hoping you all have a great week!


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