Influences and Roadies

Hello Friends!

Its Monday! Time for your weekly Taking Saturn update along with some personal antics I’ve created for your reading enjoyment! 

When you look into what the heart of TS really is, it’s a legacy of music lovers who mesh so well that they are celebrating their 10 years of bandism; if that is even a word! Friends, yes? Brothers, yes? Family, absolutely? Up and down and sideways these guys have been through it all but still remain strong  inspired at the end of the day with the same love of music and goal to reach a wide spread audience. This family isn’t perfect but what sets them apart is they keep going through thick and thin. They never give up and grind it out; crushing it on the daily! Admiral and sometimes perceived as crazy but something to marvel at; lead singer Darien Anthony is by far the most motivated and inspired person I’ve met in a long time. Bou Lithisack; best bass player, and forward thinker. Danny Haddad; amazing guitarist and eclectic music proprietor. These guys have a combination that is sure to break through the masses someday. Take my word for it! I see tour buses, camera flashes and lighters lighting up the evening sky. 

Some of the guys find inspiration through influence. Danny loves Buckethead; phenomenal guitarist but strange as all get out wearing a KFC bucket on his head. Reminds me of the likes of Banksy who decided to share a rare personal gift but remain anonymous. Bou finds some of his influences in rock music old school style. The Scorpions among the front runners. Darien looks back fondly on growing up with Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. His vision for the future is a band with influences from 30 Seconds to Mars with a retro Starset twist. 

The photoshoots have been going awesome and I have hundreds of proofs to look through. Especially helpful is Freddie Lopez who served as our lighting person during our last shoot! Freddie and I are endearing referred to as Taking Saturn roadies. Here is a pic of Freddie with the guys!

Hope you all have a great week!


This is Bobbi signing off for now! See you next Monday 

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