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Hey Everyone,

My name is Bobbi and I am part of the Taking Saturn Team! I first found out about Taking Saturn when I met my good friend Darien Anthony who is the vocalist and keyboard player . I have always been a music lover and especially had a deep appreciation for local artists who grind to be amazing! When I first heard their album The Human Effect I was blown away at how talented these guys are. I instantly became a SUPER fan and knew right away that I wanted to be a part of their journey so here I am, your daily blogger chick filling you in on NOVA's up and coming band Taking Saturn! Please check them out they definitely know how to rock!! 








Friday nights are generally reserved for band practice which is very productive and always loads of fun! here are a few shots I took along with a run down of your band members! These guys work and hustle hard to not only enjoy the journey but kick some serious ass to try to get their music out there.


Not to mention being part of Taking Saturn is like being part of an extended family. We joke around, the guys make amazing music and we EAT..This week we had Suki Yaki! Yes people, be jealous this stuff was off the hook!


Other big things in the mix we have started our weekly Friday YouTube Vlog! Check it out! YouTube 


The guys will show random things they are working on for Fridays and you can get to know the true Taking Saturn!


This is Bobbi signing off! You can find me on Facebook & Instagram

Have a great evening everyone and make sure to Follow The Journey #TakingSaturnBand



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