It's all about the Bass

Hey Friends and Fam

Hope you are having a happy rainy Monday. It's been a tough two weeks; sadly I lost my father to his fight with cancer. It really is true what the say, time is way too short.…

Studio Time is Coming!


Hello Friends and Fam! Happy Monday! 

Its time for your weekly scoop on all things Taking Saturn. For the next few week the guys are working on finishing up Voices and heading into the recording phase. They…

Influences and Roadies

Hello Friends!

Its Monday! Time for your weekly Taking Saturn update along with some personal antics I’ve created for your reading enjoyment! 

When you look into what the heart of TS really is, it’s a legacy of music…

Life & photoshoots & song lyrics

Hello Fellow Saturnites! 

Just another manic Monday. I write this with the most somber of thoughts weighing on my mind during this grey Northern Virginia day. This piece is dedicated to one of the most beautiful people I've had…

Voices Demo is Coming along nicely!

Hello Taking Saturn friends!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! The guys at Taking Saturn have been busy grinding out pieces for their demo production on "Voices." This week I sat in on a few practices along with some recording sessions. …

Its Demo Time!

Hey Everyone, Happy Monday!

Here is your weekly update on all things Taking Saturn! Here in Northern VA its been hot as ballz but that doesn't stop the TS team from crushing it like GaryVee! If you are not sure…


An Insider look on Taking Saturn

Hey Everyone,

My name is Bobbi and I am part of the Taking Saturn Team! I first found out about Taking Saturn when I met my good friend Darien Anthony who is the vocalist and keyboard player . I…

New and exciting things for TS!

Hey Fam!

 I know its been awhile but I wanted to share with you some of the exciting projects Taking Saturn currently has in the works! Not only have we launched our first promo video featuring our song "Be…

New Rehearsal Room, New Ideas

New website, new songs and a new place to practice!

Hey friends, Welcome to our site!


We recently moved to a new rehearsal space in Bou's house. It's exciting to change your environment in order to…